Screen shots from scnearios.

Scenarios are are the best aspect of on-line multiplayer air-combat simulators. (Well, in my opinion, of course.) To me, scenarios are a leap beyond typical multiplayer flying, a higher level of immersion and fun. I'm a WWII aviation nut. Playing in a scenario gives me the same feeling I get when reading great stories of aerial battles and the exploits of WWII pilots -- but here I get to do the flying.

For a quick feel for what it's like, click here for a pictorial.

A scenario is an event where there are two sides (generally more than 50 people per side, sometimes over 100 per side), each with particular aircraft available and particular mission objectives. The missions typically take place once or more per week for four or more weeks in a row. Each side has a commanding officer, who comes up with the mission orders, and a command staff that includes squadron and flight leaders. Each side is divided into various squadrons with various aircraft and objectives, as assigned by the command staff.

To get a more thorough idea of what scenarios are like, go here for my "Anatomy of a Scenario" page.

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For pictorials and action reports of various scenarios, see the following. These are the scenarios I've participated in.

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In Air Warrior:

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