Battle of Britain 2006

Battle of Britain 2006 was a scenario that ran in Aces High in September, 2006. The basic motivation was to have a scenario based on the WWII Battle of Britain, where the German Luftwaffe and British Royal Air Force fought it out in the skies over England. The Luftwaffe was working to soften up Britain for a planned amphibious invasion (Operation Sealion), and Britain was fighting for its life.

Event Description

Frame 4 Pictorial

Summary of Frames:

1-3: Was a CM, helping to run the event. Didn't get to fly.
4: Pilot in 56th Squadron, in Hurricane I three times; 2 kills, 1 assist; ditched, killed, returned to base.

RAF site on Battle of Britain:
Wikipedia entry on the Battle of Britain:

by Brooke P. Anderson

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