Fire Over Malta

Spitfire taking off from HMS Eagle.  One of 1st 15 Spitfires to land at Malta. exploding at Malta airfield.'s/Bomb%20Damage/BD12.jpg

Fire Over Malta was a scenario that ran in Aces High in November, 2005. The motivation was to have a scenario based on the WWII aerial battles around Malta in 1942, with the Royal Air Force there battling for its life to hold Malta against attacks from the Luftwaffe and Regia Aeronautica. The allies were striving to set up invasion of Sicily and to cut the lifeline of axis forces in North Africa. The axis was fighting hard to keep that from happening. Control of Malta was the key.

Event Description

Frame 2 Pictorial
Frame 3 Pictorial

Frame 1 After-Action Report
Frame 2 After-Action Report
Frame 3 After-Action Report

Summary of Frames:

1. GL of RAF Flight F; in Spitfire Mk V, 1 kill, 0 assists, ditched; in Hurricane Mk IIC, 0 kills, 0 assists, landed.
2. GL of RAF Flight F; in Hurricane Mk IIC 2 times, 0 kills, 0 assists, bailed out once, landed once.
3. GL of RAF Flight F; in Spitfire Mk V, 0 kills, 0 assists, landed.

Excellent site with pictures of WWII action at Malta:
History of Malta's role in WWII:

by Brooke P. Anderson

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